Ilana Glazer, Actor

I have a shirt. Ok, fine. I have many shirts. Anyhow, this one shirt I have has the words, “I deserve a beer,” on it. Simple and not untrue.

When I was walking home from the bodega and through one of NY/Brooklyn’s many production sets, it was that particular shirt I was wearing. On the walk, I passed Broad City’s Ilana Glazer, who was sitting in a chair with someone, and I decided to act cocky. We had the following exchange:

"How’s it goin?" I asked with a nod of my head, directed toward Ilana.

"Good. You know what? You do deserve a beer," she said.

Some other words were said. We even laughed. But, that’s not what matters.

I got a great deal on some raspberries. That’s what matters.

That’s where the excitement is here, people. The fruits.

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